schistome snail host tissue isolation, storage & DNA extraction

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I've done many extractions of snail tissue, but never for a study of parasites.  
I don't know what tissue the schistosomes live in, but I've always dissected a 
little bit of foot tissue out of the snails and preserved in 95% ethanol at room 
temp.  I remove the operculum, cut some muscle away and use that.  You can also 
place the whole animal in 95% ethanol and dissect later -- I actually prefer to 
do this because the various types of tissue appear much more different from each 
other and are easier to identify after they have been preserved.  Some snails 
can close the operculum so tightly that the alcohol cannot get inside the shell, 
though; so it's always a good idea to crack the shell with a hammer before you 
drop the whole thing into ethanol.  Otherwise the tissue may start to 


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Subject: schistome snail host tissue isolation, storage & DNA extraction

I had been facing some difficulties with how to isolate tissue of schistosome 
host snail from the shell, and its preservation for optimum dna extraction 
anytime in future. 

May you kindly assist me as to how to go about this.
Count greatly on your support.
Parasitology Unit 
Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research
University of Ghana
Legon – Accra

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