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BTW that should have been 5E6 SNPs and the probability should have been 0.05.

My problem with the video is rather insider, because I have seen some of the other activities, which did not occur on the campus, but I know from past incidences that these kinds of things are frowned upon, eventually there is going to be a clamp-down. Some things at a previous gatherings that the college may not want to have been associated with for insurance reasons. As clampdowns occur, they are often an over-reaction.

I could make a great video about AAALAC disasters, the college and AAALAC would not appreciate it though.

OK so welcome to my world here at BCM. Not to mention I had a mock inspection this morning, prior to the real AAALAC nightmare that will take place over the next 2 months (given the last visit, no-understatement), the fact they laid off 1000+ personal at the end of last year, and a broad variety of other compliance (CDC, Patriot act, Animal welfare act, radioactivity, chemical inventory, high-rise fire code compliance, blood born pathogen, etc) and 'right-sizing' hair-pullers (and I am not talking about capital pilitation)?

Exciting, right, make a video about it, yeah?
Life after the Ph.D. at BCM from an ex-graduate student at BCM.

ay Phillip, there you go!!! we'd love to see it :)

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>Have fun!
I am only surprised it's not yet at 1,000,000 views.
Don't know anyone who hasn't seen it :-)

My favorite part is "what, what, what, what's in this box"
(at 2:38). The Craigslist job listing in North Dakota
at 4:36 is a great touch too.

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