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There is a new transfection reagent called Gylcofect. It is a poly-
glycoamidoamine (PGAA) polymer. Techulon=92s non-lipid reagent
encapsulates nucleic acid and delivers as polyplex with caveolae and
clathrin mediated uptake (1). These polymers are designed to hydrolyse
upon endocytosis, thereby increasing plasmid delivery with lower

Improving Transgene Expression and Cell Viability Using a
Biodegradable Polymeric Delivery Platform

Novel Twist on Primary Cell Transfection, Biodegradable Polymer-Based
DNA Carrier Designed to Facilitate Process in Mammalian Cells

See for yourself how we can deliver your genes of interest.

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1. McLendon P.M. et al., Poly(glycoamidoamine) Vehicles Promote pDNA
through Multiple Routes and Efficient Gene Expression via Caveolae-
Mediated Endocytosis. Molecular Pharmaceutics 2010 Vol. 7(3), 738-750.

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