mammalian stable cell-line

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Yes, go to and do a product search for the cells you want, they should have them.

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First of all, thank you very much for all your answers.

Maybe I haven't explained it properly. but what we are interested in ordering is a mammalian stable-cell line (Hek-293 or Hela S3), that stable expresses a recombinant protein.
Is it possible to get that from ATCC?

Thank you!!

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> >Hi=2C
> >
> >we are thinking about ordering a mammalian stable cell-line=2C probably usi=
> >ng HeLa S3 or Hek-293 cells.
> >
> >Could anyone recommend me some companies and give me any information about =
> >which prices are reasonable?
> ATCC is a gold standard for common cell lines. Anything else is not going
> to be much cheaper to justify a small risk of getting a not-quite-the-same
> cell line.
> DK
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