Can anyone please tell about slope function

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SLope is a function of how much the dependent variable Y changes for every unit increase in the value of the independent variable X.  So the line may be negative or positive (negative if Y and X are inversely correlated).  Knowing that, imagine that the slope of the line you are trying to calculate is one side of a triangle, the other two sides being X and Y axis.  Hence the slope is a measurement of how much the Y side is to the X side.  If you know slope, it is easy to calculate X and Y and also tells the equation whether X and Y values are positively or negatively correlated.  For. e.g.  for every unit increase in concentration of a salt, there is a proportional increase in absorbance (positive correlation).  But take price of a commodity.  As production of a product increases, price of the product comes down (inverse and negative slope). 
   Check out more on slope on wikipedia.  There is more to slope adn linear regression than can be explained in one email.  Talk to a biostatistician and he will be glad to help you.  Every institute has biostatisticians available.  You got to ask.

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Hi all
Can anyone please tell what is the exact function and use of SLOPE , which
calculates by y=mx+c formula. I found that slope defines the measurement of
line, but my doubt is that I have done protein estimation by bradford
method. Then I plotted a straight line graph based on results. Here what is
the use of calculating slope???  May be I am asking trivial question, I am
kindergarten to mathematics, can anyone please explain me.

Thank you in advance

Sudheer Babu.S
ITC student
Institute of Biochemistry
Biological Research Center
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