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> >Hi all
> >Can anyone please tell what is the exact function and use of SLOPE , which
> >calculates by y=mx+c formula. I found that slope defines the measurement
> of
> >line, but my doubt is that I have done protein estimation by bradford
> >method. Then I plotted a straight line graph based on results. Here what
> is
> >the use of calculating slope???  May be I am asking trivial question, I am
> >kindergarten to mathematics, can anyone please explain me.
> >ITC student
> >Institute of Biochemistry
> >Biological Research Center
> >Szeged,Hungary.
> I know I will be called a bad, bad person but it really bugs me
> and I think it's a fair question:
> How did we ever get to the point that a person who does not
> understand linear equation can:
> 1. Graduate from high school?
> 2. Be accepted to college?
> 3. Be allowed to do scientific work in the lab?

lol ... ay to that :) ..... in my experience there are several such folks
around it seems .....to put a positive spin on it,  the least I could say is
that here's a person who was not that motivated to find out the answers in
numerous links that pop off Google searches, and the most detailed of all,
the Wiki..... but was'nt all that lazy to post it on the forum. I did
however learn a bit about second order curve fitting from Wo (I always
preferred a clean line passing through the origin, after a lot of ado and
meticulous work, that was a pleasure to see, esp with Lowry's or Bradford's

> DK
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