Lysis buffer for mouse liver

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Hi DK,

would Laundry Detergent also work as replacement for proteinase K in
mouse tail biopsy genotyping? Or does it also contain DNAse?

Just curious. Probably saving some bucks on proteinase K while risking
a transgenic mouse project wouldn't make much sense...


> >Can anyone suggest a goof recipe for a lysis buffer that efficiently lyses
> >mouse liver and suitable for use in quantification of 55Fe by scintilation
> >counting?
> What's the purpose of the lysis? If you just need to get as much stuff
> as possible into solution then I'd suggest using 1-5% laundry detergent.
> That will really do it, particularly with heating. And very compatible with
> most scintillation cocktails.
> If, however, you need to keep somehting intact/functional then it
> really depends upon what that something is.
> DK

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