PCR NEWS - September 2011 - focus on qPCR review papers

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PCR NEWS - September 2011 - focus on qPCR review papers

Dear researcher,
dear Gene Quantification page reader,

Our newsletter informs about the latest news in quantitative real-time
PCR (qPCR and qRT-PCR), which are compiled and summarised on the
Gene Quantification homepage. The focus of this newsletter issue is:

* Update of real-time qPCR page - outstanding reviews and innovative
qPCR papers  -  http://qPCR.gene-quantification.info
* Recorded qPCR 2011 Event -  65 interesting talks from the qPCR 2011
event in Freising-Weihenstephan -  http://eConference.qPCR2011.net
* MIQE guidelines - online translation service to CHINESE,  JAPANESE,
KOREAN and RUSSIAN  -  http://MIQE.gene-quantification.info
* MIQE qPCR APP for iPhone, iPad and iPod -  new version 1.1 available
-  http://MIQE.gene-quantification.info
* US qPCR Symposium in Santa Clara, CA - 1st to 4th November 2011  -

If this newsletter is not displayed correctly by your email client,
please use following  http://qPCRnews.gene-quantification.info

qPCR in general
Update of real-time qPCR page - outstanding reviews and innovative
qPCR papers

* The ongoing evolution of qPCR - a summary of interesting papers &
reviews, presented at the qPCR 2010 Event in Vienna
* Absolute quantification of mRNA using real-time reverse
transcription PCR assays
* Quantitative real-time RT-PCR - a perspective
* Real-time PCR for mRNA quantitation
* Quantification of mRNA using real-time RT-PCR
* The real-time polymerase chain reaction
* The Road from Qualitative to Quantitative Assay. What is next?
* Quantitative Real-time PCR Analysis
* SPUD - a quantitative PCR assay for the detection of inhibitors in
nucleic acid preparations
* PCR Troubleshooting and Optimization - The Essentail Guide:   RT-PCR
Optimisation Strategies
* qPCR Technical Brochures and application guides from various

... ... and much more interesting reviews, links and web pages =3D>


Did you miss the qPCR 2011 Symposium in Freising?
Recorded qPCR 2011 Event is now available for viewing =3D>

BioEPS is now presenting the qPCR 2011 eConference online via video
With our new eConference streaming server a world-wide know-how
transfer becomes possible in a fast and simple way!

At the qPCR event in March 2011 around 500 attendees from 47 countries
participated. The 65 presented talks were recorded in excellent sound
quality, high movie resolution each last around 30 minutes.
qPCR 2011 eConference package containing 65 recorded talks & slides

grouped in following scientific topics:
Single-Cell qPCR, Next Generation Sequencing, high-throughput qPCR,
MIQE guidelines, RNAi-miRNA, qPCR Data analysis, Circulating Nucleic
Acids, Pre-analytical Steps, New qPCR Applications in Molecular
Diagnostics, and more ... ...

recorded speakers:
S. Bustin, J. Vandesompele, M. Kubista, K. Livak, MW. Pfaffl, Dennis
Lo, A. Stahlberg, J. Helemanns, B.Brenig, R. Loewe, K. Hasenstein, A.
Raj, F. McCaughan, K. Knudtson, P. Zimmermann, A. Nitsche, P. Day, A.
Tichopad, and a lot of company representatives

You can watch an in-depth demo presentation of our talks right here


MIQE - Since October 2008 we provide an online translation service of
the Gene Quantification pages to several languages.
Since September 2011 we provide a direct translation of the MIQE
guidelines http://MIQE.gene-quantification.info
CHINESE   http://miqe-chinese.gene-quantification.asia/
JAPANESE  http://miqe-japanese.gene-quantification.asia/
KOREAN   http://miqe-korean.gene-quantification.asia/
and RUSSIAN   http://miqe-russian.gene-quantification.asia/

Please recognize this is an automatic and robotic based translation
service, and therefore we provide NO guarantee about the automatic
generated content. It should help the world wide qPCR community to
understand the core content of the Gene Quantification pages and MIQE
guidelines, but still the original language is the English version.


MIQE_qPCR APP for iPhone, iPad and iPod - iOS Universal
new version 1.1 available since 3rd August 2011
Get help from a special team of experts in qPCR while on the move.
MIQE - qPCR helps you in reviewing scientific works and checking your
own experiments, when qPCR is involved. Check your project's
compliance to MIQE in minutes, have all required references to hand,
and follow qPCR events and news..... http://www.gene-quantification.de/miqe=
Over 1,800 downloads


What's New in MIQE_qPCR Version 1.1:

* Now MIQE qPCR app is even more interactive. For the first time ever,
checklists are optimized in real time: you can reach 100% for every
project if you are MIQE compliant.
* Checklists are specific for each project type - RNA or DNA. Just
click on the kind of nucleic acid you are working with, the checklists
adapts instantly by removing unnecessary items (Reverse transcription
items are not relevant if working only on DNA for instance).
* Moreover, some items may not apply to your specific experiments. You
can now remove them and have the most accurate MIQE compliancy.
* References have been updated, so you can keep in touch with latest
MIQE related literature, symposium updates and more.
* Last but not least: Export is available. You can archive the state
of your project whenever you want, share it with your colleagues, and
store it.
* Suggestions collected from experts at the qPCR 2011 symposium in
Freising were included.


qPCR 2011 US - http://www.qPCRsymposium.com

Mission Center Ballroom, Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great
America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Symposium Focus

* Preanalytics, Standardization and quality control
* High throughput expression profiling =96 digital PCR
* Epigenetics, mutation analysis and copy number variation
* Molecular diagnostics of complex diseases =96 detection and profiling
of tumor cells
* Single-cell and subcellular expression profiling
* Non coding RNAs
* qPCR in Forensics and AgriBio
* Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
* qPCR & NGS experimental design and data mining
* Clinical applications of qPCR and NGS

Submit your abstract and register NOW !   http://www.qpcrsymposium.com/defa=


Please forward this qPCR NEWS
to further scientists and friends who are interested in qPCR !

Best regards,
Michael W. Pfaffl
responsible Editor of the Gene Quantification Pages

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