oligonucleotide-polypetide conjugation

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On 20 Apr., 19:54, alexandra balliou <alexandra.ball... from gmail.com>
> I am wondering if there is any more specific protocol for the
> transform of the oligonucleotides into tetra t-butyl ammonium salts.
> Thank you in advance!


the easiest way is probably buffer exchange with a gel filtration
column: Equilibrate the resin with t-butyl ammonium chloride solution,
add your oligo and elute it with the same solution.

Another option might be precipitation of the oligo from a solution
with excess -butyl ammonium chloride, by adding ethanol or isopropanol
in the usual way. I'd check before with some cheap DNA, if the process
works and eg no accidental precipitatipn of the ammonium salt

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