Ammonium sulfate precipitation from solutions with high sugar content

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Mon Apr 30 13:18:49 EST 2012

Hi Wo,

I was wondering if you could simply use the crude extract to spin down and
create a sucrose density gradient...that will allow you to pick out some
proteins within the gradient, and then the remaining may go over for
ammonium sulphate precipitation ? ...I've no idea how this would work, but
just a thought, if you have'nt already considered it.


On 30 April 2012 03:52, WS <novalidaddress from> wrote:

> Dear Experts,
> I am attempting to precipitate small amounts of (total) protein from a
> fruit juice concentrate. It looks quite much like honey. My plan is to
> dilute it 1x with water (to reduce viscosity) and then saturate it
> with ammonium sulfate. As the solution contains high amounts of sugars
> (mostly saccharose, I assume), will these interfere with my
> precipitation process?
> If yes, what may I do to circumvent it? Probably dialysis, but any
> other ideas?
> Thanks for your help!
> Wo
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