Desperately looking for E. coli with lambda cI857 Sam7

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> >I am looking for an E. coli strain with a lysogenic lambda phage that is practical to induce and purify, such as one with cI857 Sam7.
> >If you have one, I would be most grateful if you could send it to me.
> >Alternatively, point me to a resource that is free or not too expensive where I could buy one.
> Buy some standard full length lambda cI857 Sam7 methylated DNA from NEB
> and electroporate into suitable E.coli host. Screen for lysogen i.e.
> grows at 28C but not 42C.
> Or buy in same DNA but find someone with a lambda packing kit, package,
> plate screen etc.
> Duncan
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Thanks a lot! but how do I select for transformants? does it have a
selection marker?
sorry, never worked with lambda...

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