qPCR NEWS - focus on integrated analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression

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qPCR NEWS - focus on integrated analysis of microRNA and mRNA

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Our newsletter informs about the latest news in quantitative real-time
PCR (qPCR and RT-qPCR), which are compiled and summarised on the
Gene Quantification homepage. The focus of this newsletter issue is:

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Integrated analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression

Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary approach to discribe, model and
understand biological processes on basis of information on genes,
transcripts (mRNA and microRNA), proteins and metabolism. It uses
computers, data bases and algorithms to link all the information and
translate it back into biology, physiology and pathophysiology.

BioInformatics  =3D>  Database Management Systems, Data Mining, Sample
Tracking, Information Management, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis,
Statistics, Pattern Recognition & Classification, Simulation &

Bioinformatics initially centered on sequence, genome, and transcript
analysis but now the extensive use of microarrays, mass spectrometry,
qPCR and RT-qPCR, RNA-Seq, has stimulated bioinformatic work in data
acquisition, signal processing, and data mining. Also, simulation and
modeling are becoming increasingly important areas of focus in
bioinformatics which finally will lead to a new level of understanding
the networks in the metabolism: Genomics, Transcriptomics, Splicomics,
Proteomics, Metabolomics, Integrated analysis of microRNA and mRNA
expression etc.

Various papers will be presented explaining the  integrated analysis
of expressed mRNA and microRNA. Most of the shown publications are
connected to web based data mining tools for free access.

* MAGIA, a web-based tool for miRNA and Genes Integrated Analysis
* The microRNA body map: dissecting microRNA function through
integrative genomics
* mirConnX: condition-specific mRNA-microRNA network integrator
* miRGator: an integrated system for functional annotation of
* miRGator v2.0: an integrated system for functional investigation of
* Identification of microRNA-regulated gene networks by expression
analysis of target genes
* miRNAMap 2.0: genomic maps of microRNAs in metazoan genomes
* miRecords: an integrated resource for microRNA-target interactions
* miRTarBase: a database curates experimentally validated microRNA-
target interactions
* DIANA-microT Web server upgrade supports Fly and Worm miRNA target
prediction and bibliographic miRNA to disease association
* The DIANA-mirExTra web server: from gene expression data to microRNA
* MicroRNA and mRNA integrated analysis (MMIA): a web tool for
examining biological functions of microRNA expression
* mESAdb: microRNA expression and sequence analysis database
* A novel computational framework for simultaneous integration of
multiple types of genomic data to identify microRNA-gene regulatory
* RNAhybrid: microRNA target prediction easy, fast and flexible
* MirZ: an integrated microRNA expression atlas and target prediction
* Identifying transcriptional start sites of human microRNAs based on
high-throughput sequencing data
* PolymiRTS Database 2.0: linking polymorphisms in microRNA target
sites with human diseases and complex traits
* miRNEST database: an integrative approach in microRNA search and

... ... and much more =3D> http://integrated-analysis.gene-quantification.i=


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GenEx 5 -  A Powerful Tool For qPCR Data Analysis
Download a free trail version here =3D> http://GenEx.gene-quantification.in=

GenEx is a popular software for qPCR data processing and analysis.
Built in a modular fashion GenEx provides a multitude of
functionalities for the qPCR community, ranging from basic data
editing and management to advanced cutting-edge data analysis. View
our webpage =3D> http://GenEx.gene-quantification.info

Basic data editing and management
Arguably the most important part of qPCR experiments is to pre-process
the raw data into shape for subsequent statistical analyses. The pre-
processing steps need to be performed consistently in correct order
and with confidence. GenEx Standard=92s streamlined and user-friendly
interface ensures mistake-free data handling. Intuitive and powerful
presentation tools allow professional illustrations of even the most
complex experimental designs.

Advanced cutting-edge data analysis
When you need more advanced analyses GenEx Enterprise is the product
for you. Powerful enough to demonstrate feasibility it often proves
sufficient for most users demands. Current features include parametric
and non-parametric statistical tests, Principal Component Analysis,
and Artificial Neural Networks. New features are continuously added to
GenEx with close attention to customers=92 needs.

New features
Sample handling and samples individual biology often contribute to
confounding experimental variability. By using the new nested ANOVA
feature in GenEx version 5 user will be able to evaluate variance
contributions from each step in the experimental procedure. With a
good knowledge of the variance contributions, an appropriate
distribution of experimental replicates can be selected to minimize
confounding variance and maximize the power of the experimental
design! For experiments with complex features, such as for example
multifactorial diseases, analytical relationships and classifications
may not readily be available. The support vector machine feature in
the new version of GenEx is so easy to use that it will make this
advanced supervised classification method easily available to novice
users, while providing access to advanced parameters for experts.

Download a free trail version here =3D> http://GenEx.gene-quantification.in=


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