10X PBS - better add KCl

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indeed adding KCl to your phosphate buffer is highly recommended - and
essential for keeping (most precious) proteins "alive" during
freeze-thaw cycles (with NaCl only, phosphate buffer will precipitate
and solution turns acidic - pH about 3 or so ...)
David Minde
2012/1/3, Jayakumar, R <R.Jayakumar from roswellpark.org>:
> You might be referring to the use of PBS in animal systems like mice or rat.
>  When they mean PBS i.p. (was it written this way?), it means administration
> of PBS into animal was via intraperitoneal injection or i.p (in the
> abdmomen).   Unless otherwise told, PBS contains both KCl and NaCl along
> with Na2HPO4 and NaH2PO4.  Refer the Sambrook manual or the current
> protocols in Molecular biology or any standard tissue culture manual for the
>  PBS recipe.  When the monobasic and dibasic salts are corrected added, the
> pH will be around 7.5.  If it is 6.4, your recipe is not right.
> Jay
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> Hi People
> I have few doubts regarding phosphte buffer saline (PBS). Recently I found
> one article related to my work, in that they used PBS ( Nacl/iP ) pH-7.4.
> Nacl/iP does it mean, it should contain Na2HP04 and NaH2PO4 and Nacl but
> not KCl, am I right?
> I have prepared the buffer like this
> NaH2PO4 ( 0.038M)
> Na2HPO4.2H20 ( 0.162M)
> NaCl (1.5 M ) but when i check the pH it was showing 6.4, is it correct?
> did I do any mistake....
> Could any one please tell me did i do any mistake?
> Thank you in advance
> --
> Sudheer Babu.S
> Ph.D student
> Institute of Biochemistry
> Biological Research Center
> Szeged,Hungary.
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