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Laurent Boulanger via methods%40net.bio.net (by laurent.boulanger from jouy.inra.fr)
Thu Jul 5 07:21:25 EST 2012

*Hi to all,
I'm looking for the nice software "PCR TAopt calculator" that i used for 
a long time but it seems to be out.

the initial mail concerning this soft is : *

/Feb 26, 2007; 03:51pm           jimicarlo     -- Announcement: new PCR 
TaOPT Calculator
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"Oligo is a script that accepts two primers, a target sequence, salt
concentration and percent formamide and gives you the ranges where the
primers bind, Tm, %GC and length of the oligos, Ta, calculated
according to Breslauer et al 1986 and a list of six PCR programs that
you could try."

I wrote this optimum annealling temperature calculator that uses
nearest neighbour algorithm to calculate Tm of primers and product and
then works out the optimum temperature based on these values. Hope
you like it.  The page includes references.


*Is there anybody who could tell me were i could find it out or find any 
replacement software to do the same job, i mean calculating the good PCR 
program in function of primer and product sequences and lenght, salt 
concentration. Usually others software only look at the primer sequence 
but nothing concerning the final amplified DNA product.

Thank you for any help


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