regarding volume to be maintained in 12ml ultracentrifuge tubes during ultracentrifugation

divya teja via (by divya.medbio from
Mon May 21 08:22:26 EST 2012

hello everyone

 I wanted to isolated rafts from the mouse neuronal cell lines using
So, the am having 12ml centrifuge tubes that to be used for
ultracentrifugation, but my sample volume itself is 12ml exactly.

So, my doubts are:
   1.  can i use 12ml centrifuge tubes for my 12ml sample?????
   2.  will there be any spillage of sample????????
   3.  Actually what are the minimum and maximum volumes to be
maintained in 12ml
ultra centrifuge tubes?????????

 Can you please help me, in clearing my doubts?.

   thank you


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