Nonisotopic Protein/RNA/DNA Synthesis Inhibition Methods

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Tue Aug 23 15:13:34 EST 1994

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>      This microbiologist would like to know of any manufacturers 
>      of/references for nonisotopic methods for determining the inhibition 
>      of bacterial protein synthesis, DNA synthesis and/or RNA synthesis.
>      Thanks, SWM
>      mamber at 
>      OR
>      Stephen_W._Mamber_at_~PRIWFB05 at
Stephen, the reference you are looking for is:

Brunschede, H., Dove, T.L., and Bremer, H. (1977) J. Bacteriol. 129, 1020-1033.

This gives a simple method for the non-isotopic determination of protein, RNA
and DNA, using absorbancies after various acid/alkali steps.  It works!  well
- I've used the RNA and protein part ;-)

Good luck,

Richard Heath
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