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: Malin Gennady  <comalin at> wrote:
: >Does anybody know, what is the principal difference in
: >two wild strains of Escherichia coli, B and K-12 from metabolic,
: >genetical or physiologycal point of view.
: >Any information will be appreciated.

: In addition, does anyone know the amount of sequence divergence between these 
: two strains based on the 16S rRNA gene, or any two strains of E. coli, for that
: matter? Thanks in advance!

There are a number of papers by Howard Ochman looking at the evolution
and phylogeny of the enterics.  I believe that 16S is far too conserved
for this purpose; proteins were used instead (i.e. the divergence in
16S between different E.coli strains is probably 0).

It would be a bit old, but one reference is the ASM E.coli/S.typhimurium
book, which has a review by Ochman and Allan Wilson.  You might also
look up papers by Dan Hartl (Ochman & Hartl did at least one paper
together on this subject).  I believe you can get to Hartl's complete
publication list via the Web at

Good luck!

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