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> Hi reader,
> We have a small collection of different bacteria, yeasts and moulds that has been
> kept on agar slants so far, and that we want to 'eternalize'. I know that even my mother in law
> would be able to successfully preserve an E. coli culture with a teaspoon of glycerol at -80.
> But is it that easy for all m.o.?
> What are the best and easiest methods for long-term storage of different microorganisms?
> How (medium, OD,...) should one grow cultures for subsequent freezing or lyophilisation?
> What is the best cryoprotectant? At what concentration?
> What about anaerobes?
> Does anybody know a good reference text that gives an answer to these questions?
> Chris Michiels
I'd begin by looking at the recent ASM publication "Methods for General and
Molecular Bacteriology."  Chapter 12 is devoted to culture preservation, 
and Table 1 (p. 281) seems to indicate that freeze-drying (lyophilization)
is the method of choice for a broad range of species, both facultative and
obligate anaerobes, gram-positive and gram-negative.  
I've only just glanced at this, but I think it may be useful to you.  There
are also several references at the end of the chapter for further reading.
Good luck!

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