Streptomyces Pigment Production

Donna M. Becker dmbecker at
Wed Dec 7 10:03:54 EST 1994

I am working with a Streptomyces species that produces (usually) a dark brown
Pigment on complex media and a red pigment when grown on a chemically defined
medium.  I have searched the literature to find information on
pigments, but have not found many useful articles.  I have found
many articles on melanin, but I don't think this pigment is a melanin.
Does anyone know where I could find out more about pigment production
by Streptomyces species?  Also, if I leave the filtrate at room 
temperature atfter incubating with shaking, the pigment "turns" darker.
Could this be due to polyphenol oxidases?  Any information would be

dmbecker at 


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