transducing recA w/o tetR ?

Patricia Foster pfoster at
Wed Jul 6 10:24:54 EST 1994

R.G. Walters (mbrgw at wrote:

: Why use that? - the Fusaric Acid method according to Maloy and Nunn (1981), 
: J. Bacteriol. 145, 1110-1112, works very well.  This is a modification of
: another method (Bochner? I don't remember) which was designed for 
: Salmonella typhimurium.  Roughly 80-90% of colonies on these plates were
: (in my hands) Tet sensitive. 

: Robin Walters.                      Robert Hill Institute, Sheffield UK.

  I meant the Maloy modification of the Bochner method, plus many
modifications of my own.  You were lucky.
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