No news is bad news

B. Popping mbpop at
Thu Jul 7 06:00:05 EST 1994

Dear Rankin,

I asked the administrator at Durham why the bionet.microbiology newsgroup isn't
available yet (it was opened 28.June 1994). I was told that the adminstrator at
Daresbury has to pass the message 'create a new newsgroup' from site to site.
That will take several days (although I can't understand why !!).

Well - so far the bad news.

The good news is: because Daresbury is the site for the creation of new
newsgroups in Europe, it's already available there.

If you have an account @ Daresbury (perhaps SEQNET access), you can login there
and run the newsreader program 'tin' (if you're on a PC / MAC). 
If you're on a UNIX machine, you have to login your computer, 
type 'xhost +' and then login to the SEQNET machine @ Daresbury.
Then type 'xrn' and the display should open on your screen.

I hope this Helps !


(Bert.Popping at

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