Experiment with Rhizobia and Nitrogen Fixation: help.

Jeffrey Ehlinger an524 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Tue Nov 1 23:04:38 EST 1994

        I am doing a project at school having to do with
the effect of Rhizobia on nitrogen fixation in bean plant.
I plan on having four treatments (Low N/Rhizo, Low N/No Rhizo,
High N/Rhizo, and High N/no Rhizo). I will measure plant
bio-mass after five weeks of growth or before plants flower
(whichever comes first).
        Some questions:
I am using Rhizobium leguminosarium, boivars viceae and phaseoli.
I also have Blue Lake Bush beans. Is this a good combo or should
I use Lima Beans?

Also I plan on avoiding air borne contaminant from the non 
innoculated treatment by covering all the pots with a 
plastic wrap except where plants emerge from the pots. . .
is this the best way to avoid contaminants?

One more question. . .the bush beans are already treated with
a pink fungicide on them. I think it is "Captan". . .will
this fungicide interfere with the success of Rhizobia growth
and nodule formation? Would I be better off with plain
un-treated seeds?

        Any replies would be helpful, I plan on getting the
seeds going this weekend so a prompt reply would be greatly

        Thanks All, Jeffrey Ehlinger

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