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>Subject: Actinomyces
>Date: 5 Nov 1994 03:01:42 GMT

>To all Microbiologist out there:
>   Hello, I am a biology student at the GWU in DC and I am working with 
>the isolation of antibiotic producing Actinomyces bacteria from soil. Can 
>anyone help me in terms of how I should go doing it, any books and 
>journals about Actinomyces. I tried to use Berges manual but he was 
>talking about Actinomyces israelli and that is a pathogen not a 
>antibiotic producing bacteria. Please help.

>PS I will be using Koch's postulates to isolate the bacteria of course.



>Dear Emmanouil

Perhaps you mean actinomycetes not just Actinomyces. If that is the case then
you have about 60 groups/genera of actinomycetes to choose from. Just consult 
Bergey's manual vol. 4. Bergey's manual should also give you useful 
information on isolation procedures for actinomycetes. Hope this helps !

John Bowman, CEB, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

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