Microbiologists: Clinical vs/and/or Experimental

Mon Nov 14 10:21:29 EST 1994

In article <9411141243.AA08221 at isnet.is.wfu.edu> bwasilau at ISNET.IS.WFU.EDU (B. Wasilauskas) writes:

>>As a clinical microbiologist in a large medical center, I would like to see 
>more clinically oriented information here, but realize that this is a forum 
>for all types of microbiologically oriented discussion. Perhaps a clinical 
>forum needs to be established for those just interested in the human side of 
>microbial disease.
       Whoa! There's only been a handful of postings/day to this newsgroup.  
Let's hold off splitting the group at least until the number of  "clinical 
micro"-related postings would warrant such a split, even though I can cruise 
through 2 newsgroups just as easily as I can one big one with my newsreader.

> In any event I still enjoy reading about what others are 
>doing. Keep up the good work.

Me too.
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