Satellite colonies

B. Wasilauskas bwasilau at ISNET.IS.WFU.EDU
Mon Nov 14 15:23:30 EST 1994

At 11:07 AM 11/13/94 -0800, mcgeed at HAL.HAHNEMANN.EDU wrote:
>	"Hello microbionetters!  I was hoping that someone could explain
>satellite colonies to me; i. e. why do they form in the presence of 
antibiotic? ......."

Whenever I hear about satelliting colonies I think of one of 2 concepts: 
eith the organism requires a nutritional growth factor, e.g. Haemophilus 
with X and V factors, or in the case of antibiotics the satelliting colonies 
are resistant to the antibiotic in question. It would be easy to determine 
if the colonies in question required a growth factor supplied by the 
antibiotic by simply growing the organism on antibiotic free medium. You 
could determine antibiotic resistance by performing an antibiotic test with 
varying dilutions of the antibiotic and the test organism. There may be 
other reasons for the satelliting that I am not aware of, but others can 
comment on them.

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