Tue Nov 15 15:02:56 EST 1994

	I am a micro student at ASU and would like to ask 2 questions.

1.   	What jobs are available to BS micro students, are there many?

2.	I have been reading the news group for a while and though I don't
	understand everything it is mentally stimulating.  I have not 
	noticed to many students and was wondering if an idea of mine 
	would be viable or not. -- How about a group for students that 
	would be like a study group- professors could interject when 
	asked or when they felt a question was floundering.  The 
	possibilities are there for students across the world to learn
	more by interacting as a self study group. 
	As the future of microbiology we could also be forming lifelong
	professional friendships (networks)   Any interest ?
	Thoughts, positive and negative please.  :-)

	Michael Steffani
	Arizona State University
	michael.steffani at asu.edu

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