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Wed Nov 16 12:17:44 EST 1994

Michael Steffani from Arizona State University (michael.steffani at asu.edu)

>...     I have been reading the news group for a while and though I don't
>        understand everything it is mentally stimulating.  I have not
>        noticed to many students and was wondering if an idea of mine
>        would be viable or not. -- How about a group for students that
>        would be like a study group- professors could interject when
>        asked or when they felt a question was floundering.  The
>        possibilities are there for students across the world to learn
>        more by interacting as a self study group.
>        As the future of microbiology we could also be forming lifelong
>        professional friendships (networks)   Any interest ?...

As journal club coordinator, may I suggest that discussion of a recent or
historical journal article might stimulate exactly the type of discussion
you are looking for.  I feel that there are probably many students out
there who would like to ask basic (not "stupid") questions about such
articles, but are embarassed to say so on the net.  This would give other
students the first chance to reply to questions and could be followed by
asking the more experienced scientists in the net to comment.   If there is
interest, give me a week or so, and I will try to come up with an
appropriate article with which to begin a discussion.

As always, I gladly accept suggestions for journal articles!!!


Meta Kuehn

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