Lab Manual

Thu Nov 17 06:02:34 EST 1994

May I be converted into html text, and placed on a w3 
site?  As well as anything else, that is?  Use of WP or WORD 
templates/,acros makes this sort of chore amazingly easy, given text 
files to start with, and a little extra work in linking files that 
need it / compiling an index would be enormously repaid (in 
appreciation / ease of use).  We are going to do this with our 
Dpeartmental lab manual for senior students, rather than have to 
update the print version and re-distribute the damn thing every time 
we do so.

How do others feel?  

PS: for our Departmental home 
page via the WEB!
 | Ed Rybicki, PhD          | The percentage you're paying is too  |
 | (ed at   | high-priced, and you're living beyond|
 | Dept Microbiology        |  all your means; And the man in the  |
 | University of Cape Town  |    suit has just bought a new car    |
 | Private Bag, Rondebosch  |       From the profit he's made      |
 | 7700, South Africa       |            on your dreams...         |
 | fax: xx27-21-650 4023    |        - Steve Winwood, 1971         |
 | tel: xx27-21-650 3265    |   (Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys)    |

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