Any help for chlamydia research (?)

a.a. peters apeters at
Thu Nov 17 00:27:12 EST 1994

Hey All,
	I'm an Honors student in Microbiology and Immunolgy, and am 
currently writing a "mini-review" article on chlamydia.  The direction 
given to us was in the area of bacterial diversity, so I'm centering on 
the Chlamydia group with the angle that although they are so tiny, so 
dependent on host cells, and less well-equiped than other bacteria, they 
are quite successful.  (At least from the human viewpoint)  
	Anyway, we are supposed to only use material from current primary 
sources, and yet these are so specific in their focus (obviously) that I'm 
afraid I won't produce a well rounded paper.  Here's my question:
	Has anyone recently come across a paper that might be helpful in 
linking the Chlamydia with their methods of survival.  Know what I mean?  
I hope so anyway...  I only ask since it's relatively hard to sort 
through all the articles that are related to the clinical aspects of 
chlamydia infection, rather than the basic bacterial processes.
	Any help would be appreciated, thanks for reading this.
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