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>Just read theis *amazing* book about filovirii.
>I would like to start a collection of books on virii in
>general.I would like to start with a basic book an what they
>are, how they work.

>Any suggestions?

Dear Nicholas, 
There are some very good books in molecular biology with nice
chapters dealing with virus (bacteriophage and animal virus).
In addition I know of a couple of short books quite adequate
for an introduction to viral world. Finally in any of the many
General Microbiology books you can find chapters on viral
biology and pathogenic ability. Here you have a list of some
of them:

.. Cann, A.J. Principles of Molecular Virology, London:Academic
Press, 1993. pp.
 . Dimmock, N.J. and Primrose, S.B. Introduction to modern
Oxford:Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1987. Ed. 3 pp.

 . Freifelder, D. Molecular Biology: A comprehensive
introduction to prokaryotes and
eukayotes, Boston:Jones  and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., 1991.
Ed. 2 pp. 1-834. 

 . Mims, C.A., Playfair, J.H.L., Roitt, I.M., Wakelin, D. and
Williams, R. Medical
Microbiology, Hong Kong:Mosby, 1993. pp. 1.1-A.51. 
 . Watson, J.D., Hopkins, N.H., Roberts, J.W., Steitz, J.A.
and Weiner, A.M. Molecular

Biology of the gene. Vol. I and II, Menlo Park, California:The
Publishing Company, Inc., 1987. pp. 747-1164. 
I hope any of these is avalaible in your area.

Fernando Leal 

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