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>Hey All,
>	Has anyone recently come across a paper that might be helpful in 
>linking the Chlamydia with their methods of survival.  Know what I mean?  
>I hope so anyway...  I only ask since it's relatively hard to sort 
>through all the articles that are related to the clinical aspects of 
>chlamydia infection, rather than the basic bacterial processes.
There's suprisingly little known about the pathogenesis of the
Chlamydiae, mostly because (1) they're hard to work with and (2) they're
hard to work with. Here are a couple of refs, 'tho:

First, what seems to be an ok review (I'm no expert...)
Dan Med Bull 39: 304-320  (1992) [92405601]

The molecular biology and diagnostics of Chlamydia trachomatis.

S. Birkelund

Second, a couple of papers that were in my desk droor:

Infect Immun 59: 4001-4012  (1991) [92040070]

Recombinant Escherichia coli clones expressing Chlamydia trachomatis
products attach to human endometrial epithelial cells.

D. H. Schmiel, S. T. Knight, J. E. Raulston, J. Choong, C. H. Davis & P.
J Gen Microbiol 136: 1623-1629  (1990) [91086924]

Extensive heterogeneity of the protein composition of Chlamydia
following serial passage in two different cell lines.

P. C. Goswami, E. Vretou & S. K. Bose


Some very good work has come out of P. Wyrick's group. You might run a 
lit search and see what they've published more recently. 

Good luck on your paper. Hope these help.


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