I need some good advice

m'names Kris bernardic.1 at postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu
Fri Nov 18 14:27:48 EST 1994

Well, I just got finished with a talk with my genetics professor and he made 
me think about my future.
	Right now I'm a junior undergraduate biology major at Ohio State 
University.  I want to pursue a career in research of novel medicines and/or 
vaccines.  However I have minimal lab experience.  I cannot get any research 
because of my rather low GPA, mind you it is not extremely low, but it is 
not stellar.  I believe that a GPA means nothing, because school has no 
bearing on the real world, its just shows how you can remember material.
	What I'm afraid of is reaching my senior year, and not being 
accepted into a graduate program.  Also, if I'm am not very good in lab, or 
biology is just not for me, then I'll be stuck with a biology degree and 
doing nothing with it.
	I really like biology and find it interesting, but I do not know if 
its for me. I'd rather to something I like and hav efun with, but from what 
my teacher tells me it is a competitive field, and I do not know how I 
will fit in.  Any suggestions?  

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