Enterococcus speciation

Bob Morrell bmorrell at ISNET.IS.WFU.EDU
Sat Nov 19 16:48:29 EST 1994

On 19 Nov 1994, Martiroe wrote:

> As a clinical microbiologist, I feel the present cost-containment
> atmosphere precludes Enterococcus speciation.  However, would it be
> beneficial to speciate subsets periodically to confirm you are still
> isolating the same species?
Probably not. Consider: you test every year. After two years the species 
has not changed, what do you do?  After 3 years the species changes, what 
do you do? 
Answer to both questions, probably nothing; except note in some meeting 
that the species have changed!  Patient care will still be dependent upon 
the antibiogram.
To me this is not so much a cost containment issue but a value added one.
There really is no value added to the report by speciation.

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