Microbiology (student study group)

Trent Ernst Ra at ix.netcom.com
Mon Nov 21 14:42:49 EST 1994

I am a MicroBio. student also and have been reading the group for a 
while.  I likewise do not always understand fully the discussions but 
get the gist of them.  This is my first posting on this group.

Regarding your question about a study group for MicroBio. students, I am 
"very" interested.  I was also considering such an idea.  I hope we can 
establish a group.  

Please let me know what you decide.  If there are not enough students 
out here, then please stay in touch with me for info. trading (sharing).


Trent D. Ernst

MicroBiology Undergraduate  
Diablo Valley College
Pleasant Hill, California

e-mail:  Ra.ix.netcom.com

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