EMB Plates

Candace Krepel ckrepel at post.its.mcw.edu
Tue Nov 22 10:06:54 EST 1994

> From: Angela.B.Lee at dartmouth.edu (Angela B. Lee)

> I have a couple of EMB plates that are giving me trouble.  The results
> on them are not that definite to me: there are streaks of faint purple
> on my plates, not like the dark gram (-) purple results that I'm getting,
> nor are they like the ones with no growth. Anyone out there know whether I
> should assess these as gram+ or gram -?   Thanks.

	Yeasts grow nicely on EMB, and some strains of staphylococci will
grow anemically.  The first step in identification is *always* the Gram
stain.  Good Luck.

Candy Krepel
Surgical Microbiology Research Lab
Medical College of Wisconsin

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