Identification of Candida

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Tue Nov 22 01:13:11 EST 1994

I am having a hard time in identifying a Candida with microscopic morpholoy
somewhat resembles C. pseudotropicalis. The biochemical profile is, however,
not entirely consistent with that of C. pseudotropicalis. The biggest 
trouble is that it neither ferments nor assimilates sucrose. Is this 
possible for this species. Where can I find additional database for its ID? 
Both the ViTech and the API systems failed to give an ID. For those with 
database-in-brains, here's it's biochemical profile:

Fermentation:                         Assimilation:

Dextrose +                            Glucose   +
Maltose  +/-                          Glycerol  -
Lactose  +                            2-keto-D-gluconate  -
Sucrose  -                            L-arabinose  +
Trehalose +/-                         xylose    +
Raffinose -                           Adonitol(Ribitol)   +              
                                      xylitol   +
                                      galactose +
                                      inositol  -
                                      sorbitol  +
                                      Methyl-D-glucoside  -
                                      N-acetyl-D-glucosamine  -
                                      cellobiose  +
                                      lactose   +
                                      maltose   -
                                      sucrose   -
                                      trehalose -
                                      melezitose  -
                                      raffinose   +

Thank you all for your help.

Kai Leung, M.D.
Dept. of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
University of Minnesota

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