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It appears that you have read my mind.  I received a reply from a 
professor, in the response he indicated that there was a discussion group 
in the news group that read journal articles and then discussed 
understandings and misunderstandings, along with other questions from 
current material we are studying or have seen on the news group.  I put a 
message out for him/her to get back with where we can get the articles as 
I have not seen them on the net - in the subscription I have -  Keep 
watching the group and the answer should come soon.  

I do feel that students interacting now will build a better core of 
relations for us later - not only us but the world -

No one will be left out, undergrads, grads, and high school students 
should be involved.  It is for learning not exclusion.  

If no articles appear soon from the net then I propose we discuss 
genetics, genetics of bacteria, prokaryotic genetics...etc..

Thanks for the interest - keep in touch

Michael Steffani		    *
michael.steffani at asu.edu	    *

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