I need some good advice

Andrea Marie Habura habura at vccnw04.its.rpi.edu
Mon Nov 21 08:50:55 EST 1994

On careers in biology: My advice is to get some lab experience as fast as 
you can. Try volunteering as a summer assistant at a local hospital, sewage
processing facility, or suchlike, or try to strike up a good relationship with
one of your profs, and offer to wash glassware in exchange for some research
time. Some people simply don't have the knack, for one reason or another (we've
had at least two grad students in my department who were utter disasters
at the bench). It's better to find that out now rather than later. If you 
just aren't a research person, consider going into tech writing or lab
administration, where your degree won't be wasted. 
And, on a tangent: don't think that schoolwork is useless. Although a great
deal of biology is done by "feel", if you will, an ability to learn and 
critically examine new info is very important as well. Otherwise, the first 
time a procedure stops working (and they will), you won't be able to figure
out what's wrong. You'll also be preventing yourself from getting cross-
fertilization from other people's work. 

(Grad student and slime-mold herder, Dept. of Biology, RPI)

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