Where hide lipolytic microbes?

Peter Herman x5495 rpeter at nmsu.edu
Tue Nov 29 09:23:53 EST 1994

In article <1994Nov29.132611.1 at sara.cc.utu.fi> mikahans at sara.cc.utu.fi (Mika Hanski) writes:
>Where to find lipolytic microorganisms (bacteria + fungi) in "nature"?
>From industry that produces edible fats, slaughterhouses, soil, waste water
>or what? Some ideas?
>And then where to pick up samples in e.g. some dairy? They are quite
>clean places - good for them but not for a microbiologist... :-)
>	Mika

One thing you might try in "baiting" samples with an oily seed like
hemp or rape (sterile hemp seeds can be bought from Carolina
Biological Supply thus keeping you from trouble with the DEA).  If
you boil the seed to soften it and then float it in a slurry of soil
you will get lots of stuff.  If the seed floats free of the soil,
you will get mostly motile organisms or things with motile spores
(oomycetes, chytrids, flagelate bacteria).  If the seed contacts the
soil particles, you will get a broader range of things.  Of course,
you will get things that are after other components of the seed,
however, many will have good lipases in addition to whatever other
lytic enzymes they dump.

Hope this helps

Peter Herman
rpeter at nmsu.edu

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