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Tue Nov 29 16:29:27 EST 1994

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> kuehn at MENDEL.BERKELEY.EDU (Meta Kuehn) writes:
> >I suggested that we begin a journal club amongst the students, and then
> >follow it up by opening up the discussion to the "general scientific
> >public".
> >
> >If there are other students who wish to participate, please Email me
> >directly, or post your address, so that I can add you to the list.
> Why not use for this, if the e-mail subscribers
> here are sensitive about too much traffic?
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>         Una Smith               una.smith at

By no means does the establishment of the discussion list indicate that
there is a problem with traffic in this group. The student journal club is
an extra feature offered to participants and readers of
bionet.microbiology to make the microbiological sciences field more
attractive to interested students and promote scientific discussion
amongst entry level scientists. Congratulations to Meta Kuehn for doing
such a great job in coordinating both the journal club and the e-mail
discussion list!!

Martin Latterich, PhD

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