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Wed Nov 30 13:31:58 EST 1994

At 08:59 AM 11/30/94 -0800, croskey wrote:
>A student asked me in class today what I knew about geocillin.
>All that I could respond was that I believed it was a semi-
>synthetic penicillin.  Can someone out there provide some
>information?  What is its spectrum of activity?  Is it 
>penicillinase resistant?  Acid resistance.  Thanks for your 
>help.      Chet Roskey
>According to the 1994 edition of the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR), 
Geocillin is the trade name for sodium indanyl carbenicillin, a 
semisynthetic pencillin. It has good in-vitro activity against many gram 
negative and some gram positive organsism including some antipseudomonal and 
antiproteal activity. It is not penicillase resistant, but is acid stable.
Ben Wasilauskas

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