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Sun Oct 2 15:46:29 EST 1994

In article <9409302124.AA07259 at>, Paul.Demchick at LAMBADA.OIT.UNC.EDU ("Paul H. Demchick") writes:
> Problems with off the shelf course laboratory manuals for microbiology:
>      They are not customized to the needs and available facilities of the user
> Problem with in house producing lab manuals:
>      It is a huge job.
> Thought:
>      A lab manual file to which various folks could contribute and anyone
> could use. 
>      It could be customized for individual use by simple editing.  It
> would be much
>      easier than each instructor writing one.
> Anyone know of such a thing being done?
> Anyone interested in contributing and/or using?
> Please discuss or send private E-Mail.
> Dr. Paul H. Demchick
> Cell Biology Program
> Biological and Physical Sciences
> B A R T O N    C O L L E G E 
> Wilson, NC  27893
> Phone (919)-399-6467
> FAX   (919)-237-4957
> paul.demchick at

How do you see this taking shape - as a gopher/WWW site?  This would get my
vote!  Would it need a separate newsgroup for discussing problems with the
techniques listed, or could that be done here?  (I would prefer the latter). 
It still sounds like it would be a huge job to get it organised into a usable
format, but I think that it would be a very worthwile thing to do!

Richard Heath

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