toxicity of Cellulomonas

Tue Oct 4 09:12:27 EST 1994

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Date: Mon, 3 Oct 1994 10:02:00 EST
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     I am the Editor of the Journal of Food Safety, a journal that deals 
     with microbial aspects of food safety.  A paper on toxicological 
     properties of extracts from Cellulomonas has been submitted.  It deals 
     with feeding studies, fertility, infectivity, etc. to demonstrate that 
     this culture is an acceptable source of food protein.  Is anyone in 
     this group qualified to review the paper?  Please respond with brief 
     statement of qualifications and an address to which to send the 
     One might suggest that if an Editor can't come up with appropriate 
     reviewers, then the paper may be inappropriate for the journal.  Good 
     point, but the paper presents negative results which might not fly in a 
     tox journal.  At any rate, this is not the point of my query.
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