(re: lab manualiatis...)

RYBICKI, ED ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Tue Oct 4 02:58:08 EST 1994

> Problems with off the shelf course laboratory manuals for 
>      They are not customized to the needs and available facilities 
of the user


> Problem with in house producing lab manuals:
>      It is a huge job.

VERY true...

> Thought:
>      A lab manual file to which various folks could contribute and 
> could use. 
>      It could be customized for individual use by simple editing. 

...yes, but where would all the contributions GO to?  Who would 
agree to act as coordinator?  Where would the dump be?  A very 
interesting idea, to be sure - a sort of "Everybodyatis" manual...! 
 We have had a similar approach on our Departmental LAN for some 
time; problem is that many of the individaul methods do not get 

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