Semen! Need help

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Tue Oct 4 17:31:04 EST 1994

In article <2E90CF33 at>, JMM8 at CIDHIP1.EM.CDC.GOV ("Miller,
J. Michael PhD ", Mike) writes:

<<<<<Regarding the semen/prostate organisms, the media listed as being
used for culture would not easily detect Gardnerella.  Enriched chocolate
agar would 
be helpful.  Gardnerella usually appear first as tiny colonies on
agar (CA) at 24h but may not even appear on blood agar during this period.
By 48h, colonies are larger on CA and are just beginning to appear on
agar. . . . .>>>>>

Thank you.  I will ask the lab to do the cultures as you described in the
detailed portion of your post.  (I did not copy all of your excellent
reply here.)  Thank you again.

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