Taxonomy of Thermus sp.

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Wed Oct 5 08:19:36 EST 1994

Hi Folks,

A question for the taxonomists out there.

I have approx 100 Thermus sp. isolates. I want to find if any could 
potentially be new Thermus species ie are different from Thermus aquaticus 
YT1, Thermus brockianus and Thermus thermophilus. I don't want to find 
how related they are to one another just whether they are different 
from valid species. There are a lot of Thermus isolates around but 
taxonomy is kind of in its infancy in this species.

Now I know I can do DNA/DNA hybridisation but that takes a lot of 
time if you are not set up and are starting from scratch. I can do 
16SrRNA RFLP patterns either on PCR'd 16S or by southerns with a 16s 
probe. I know from a students work that Fusobacterium species have 
unique rRNA RFLP patterns specific for the species but does this 
apply to other organisms. Is there any other method that is quick 
and reasonable valid. I don't want to have to have to sequence 100
16SrRNA variable regions! I don't want to propose anything as a new 
species on whatever method I settle on, Ijust want pointers towards novel 
species. Classical microbiology on 100 isolates will take too much
work at this stage.     

Many thanks

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