yeast identification

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>Does anyone know a simple test that I could use to tell the difference 
>between the yeasts Saccharomyces and Candida?  I am a biochemist looking for 
>receptors used by Candida on mammalian cells. I do not want to study 
>Saccharomyces and would like to show that the organisms I am working with 
>are Candida.  I have a pure strain from ATCC and can probably send samples 
>to the hospital laboratory for characterization, but I would also like to be 
>able to do this in my laboratory if possible.
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>One simple way of distinguishing these two genera is the acid fast stain. 
Saccharomyces produces ascospores which are acid fast and Candida is not 
acid fast. Also as someone else has mentioned you could perform a germ tube 

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