psp and mollusca

Claude M Bowers cbowers at
Wed Oct 12 19:35:52 EST 1994

I have a friend who is into aquaculture (mussel farming) and is very 
concerned about PSP ( paralytic shellfish poisoning). This region of 
Newfoundland has been closed to harvesting during the past summer. He 
does not want to have to recall product from his markets as this could 
do serious damage to the bussiness (bad publicity also)He is wondering if 
there is any way to predict when this problem will occur. Are there 
specific environmental indicators etc. ?  Is this due to tides/ currents 
that bring dinoflagellates to the site, or could this be caused by upwelling 
from the bottom sediments as a result of winds at the surface?

Anyone with information or ideas ?  Please help.
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