help needed on h.s. research proj.

Riherd John jrr at
Thu Oct 13 05:19:39 EST 1994

My daughter is a freshman at the local Acadamy of Science and 
Technology, an academically selective high school in our area. She is 
working on a project for which she needs to find some "first hand" 
research material in the form of journal articles or the like.  

Briefly,  her project has to do with the 
toxicity of residue from various commonly used dyes (as in the dye in 
fabric) when the fabric samples are exposed to a variety of environments. 
After exposure over time she will compare the growth rate of bacterial 
cultures in the residue of her samples.

I also see this as an opportunity to demonstrate the use and value (I 
hope) of the internet.

If any of you can direct her to sources that might be relevant regarding 
dyes, their breakdown, their toxicity, or anything else that seems 
relevant it would be most appreciated. 

E-mail to jrr at would be best, but I'll monitor this newsgroup for 
a while, as well.

John Riherd

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