problem with me !!

Lee jang young jylee at
Mon Oct 17 04:27:10 EST 1994

Hi netters..

I'm now cultivating a recombinant E.coli containing pUC18 on which an  
enzyme of interest is cloned. The expression of the enzyme is not
under the control of the lac promoter of pUC18, but is regluated by
its own promoter which originates from Bacillus sp. The activity of
the enzyme was increased by about 20 fold when cloned in E.coli than
that in the original Bacillus sp.

But, the cultivation of the recombinant E.coli in LB media
gave irregular results from case to case..say, in one case the 
activity was maintained as expected, but in other case, almost no 
activity was found...
I'm very confused about this results.

Anyone who are expert in this field, please let me know how to  
solve the problem like this,,

Private e-mail at following address would be especially appreciated..

Thanks                                  D.C.Lee from KOREA

        jylee at

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